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                     MERIT BADGE POW-WOW

 December 1st & 2nd, 2017

                             Panaca Ward Chapel


         We are changing the format for our Merit Badge Pow-Wow this year.  It will be held in Panaca on Friday afternoon Dec. 1, starting at 1:00 pm for those boys who need First Aid Merit Badge.  Each troop will camp out on the grass west of the building.  We will supply dinner Friday evening, breakfast Saturday morning, and a light lunch Saturday noon.  Emergency Preparedness will be the Merit Badge of the Pow-Wow, as almost all Scouts need it and it is required for Eagle rank.  Classroom work will begin at 5 pm Friday, with a break for dinner.  Police, fire department personnel, and other Emergency Responders will assist us Saturday to complete the work required for the Merit Badge.  [NOTE:  Every boy will be required to complete a Home Inspecition before coming to the Pow-Wow.]   Sign up online by Nov. 25 at:

 Panacafitnesscenter. com & submit online or fax to Bro. Klomp at 775-728-4433.


                              Friday, December 1st   


1:00       First Aid Merit Badge class begins (Panaca Stake Center)

                            (other classes MAY be offered in this 3-hour time period)

4:00        Class ends;  set up tents on West Lawn

5:00       DINNER--outside on west lawn

6:00       classroom work for EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS Merit Badge

10:00   Lights Out


                                        Saturday December 2nd


7:00   Breakfast

8:00     Begin Emerg. Prep. badge requirements

12:00   lunch and go home



            Eleven-year-old Scouts are encouraged to participate in this Pow-Wow and work on badges needed for Star rank.  We will start at 1 pm in order to have opening exercises and additional late registrations.  If you have a boy who is not signed up in advance, bring him anyway—we will register him that day. Meet at the Panaca Ward LDS Church building.  There is no cost to the boys for the Pow-Wow.  Scouts should bring their own notebooks and writing materials. has worksheets for each badge which are extremely helpful.  Return forms to Steve Klomp [Box 308, Panaca 89042] or fax to 775-728-4433.  Call 775-962-1670 [Steve Klomp cell] for more info.  Please encourage all to attend. 


440 E. Main St.
Panaca, NV 89042

ph: 775-728-4432
fax: 775-728-4433